Sunday, July 25, 2010

Helpful Tips on Smores Cupcakes

Ok, so as soon as I saw these cupcakes I knew I had to make them. I stashed the recipe from Bakerella away until I had the chance to make them. With a lot of anticipation, I got busy last night to make these scrumptious cupcakes for a family get together. Unfortunately, I felt like the recipe requires a lot of "tweaking", but I didn't discover this until after making them.

The changes to the recipe that I would make are as follows:
1. The recipe can make about 2 dozen cupcakes, rather than 12.
2. I had to cook my cupcakes for closer to 30 minutes, rather than 15.
3. Do not overfill your cupcake holders.
4. I would use milk chocolate for the ganache, rather than semisweet.
5. The cupcakes will come out of the oven looking nice and puffy, but will shortly collapse in the middle... don't panic. Once you add the ganache and marshmello, you won't even notice.

Overall, these cupcakes were worth the little extra work. Now that I realize that I can make a few changes, I think I will be more successful next time.

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