Sunday, July 18, 2010

Seafood Celebration

This weekend we hosted our 4th Annual Seafood Celebration! It seems that each year we perfect our seafood concoctions. This year our pride and joy was a clambake. We followed the directions from Martha Stewart's July issue (demo on Today show) and it couldn't have been easier or more tasty. Along with the clambake, we had salmon, crab legs and numerous decadent side dishes.

As for desserts, I whipped up more of the "HOT" mini cupcakes on a stick, which were gone in seconds. I also added to the sea food theme with chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate lobsters and crabs. Lastly, I dressed up traditional Rice Krispie Treats with fun homemade paper boxes. I couldn't have been happier with these boxes and have plans to use them again for future projects. (check back for a downloadable template soon).

One of my favorite projects for this party was the homemade labels I made for root beer and ice tea. After searching the stores for bottled beverages for this and some other upcoming events, I decided that spending $7.00 for a 6 pack of ice tea or lemonade was a little silly, when I could make my own. So, I purchased some glass bottles, made some ice tea on my patio and attached some hand-stamped labels. For about $15, I had twelve super cute, personalized beverages that can now be reused for future events.

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